Handmade wooden tables, chairs and storage furniture with inimitable character, style and attention to detail.

Simon Hooper is a Brisbane designer and maker with over 40 years' experience working with timber and a special interest in Art Deco and Oriental styles and exotic veneers.

Simon Hooper Furniture is Simon's dream realised: giving you the opportunity to see and purchase on-demand productions of his own original pieces of usable art or commission your own work from Simon's workshop in Brisbane, QLD.

Simon Hooper taking a break in the workshop
"My designs draw on Art Deco and Oriental practices, where the techniques are very challenging and require an extreme degree of perfection to execute properly."
- Simon Hooper

Simon Hooper Furniture sources timber from leases on the Atherton Tablelands and managed forests all around the world.


See the range of furniture available to order through Simon Hooper Furniture's studio. 

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