Back in action


Hi there, fellow internet explorer.

Welcome to a land of sawdust in the air and the smell of fresh cut timber in your nose.

It’s been a long time coming but we’re back up and running over here at my website.

A new lick of paint on top of a slightly modified carcass and we're on the road.

Unlike my car which recently blew up on a drive to a secret place north of Rockhampton that Jane and I disappear to every now and then (more nows, if I'm honest, now the kids are out of the principal place of residence). Can you believe it? A recently serviced 10 year old Hilux, just decided to put the kibosh on progress at 80km/h near Gympie. What a joke! 

But…on the creative side, my brain's been working overtime, coming up with everything from iPhone holders to hall stands. I'm really enjoying getting my hands stuck into new shapes.

As far as this site goes, I'm working with my nephew to keep the accelerator moving on this digital stuff. I did an Instagram Live video the other day. I think one person saw it. Thanks, viewer. 

The good thing is you can now read about my current (i.e. buy them from me please) designs in a bit more detail and see how they look in a few houses around Brisbane.

We’ve managed to keep all the old photos from my last site too.

Anyway, I'm sick of chicken-beaking at this laptop keyboard – I'm back off to the real world and real work (and real fun).