Like many of Simon's designs, this camphor hall stand began as a simple 5 line sketch in one of his old drawing books (he has shelves full of them).

It takes influence from traditional Japanese design with a modern, raw exposed grain aesthetic and is a perfect display of restrained and thoughtful – but very useful – design.

This is not the first time he has sold this design on the market, but is the first time he's made it out of Camphor Laurel.

"I have already made 3 others hall table using different materials.  Two were made of Australian Casaurina and the other one was made of American white oak. They've been really popular."


Features of Note


Minimalist meets traditional

The table invites use, and is perfect for narrow hallways or wide entry ways. It's light hues encourage thoughtful pairing with colourful objects of value and all styles and ages of furniture.

Single Stump construction

This table was made from a single stump of Australian Camphor Laurel milled by Simon using a portable Alaskan mill. Simon Hooper Furniture is careful to put all of the timber to good use. 

The table was finished with furniture oil which is rubbed into the timber.


  • Year of Completion: 2017
  • Dimensions: 1200mm (L) x 400mm (W) x 720mm (H)
  • Timber:  Camphor Laurel
  • Finish: Furniture oil
  • Care: Rub with soft wax (not silicon based) every 6 months
  • Recommended Environment: Hallways, Entryways

Price: $5,000 Australian Dollars

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