The Saloon Table began life as a "what if" sketch drawn to fit perfectly in colonial-era properties like the Raffles Hotel in Singapore and the Queensland Club in Brisbane.  

It was so fanciful and extravagant, yet refined, that Simon decided he had to make it real.

So began a year-long odyssey of turning the sketch into a true thing of beauty. 

All in all it took 9 months to make the table and another 4 months to finish it, with the french polish applied by hand in house.

The inspiration for the Amboyna veneer (taken from the burl of the New Guinea Rosewood tree) came from some smaller pieces Simon had been working on at the time, pairing the Amboyna with a veneer from the trunk of the same tree for a striking contrast.

Simon wanted to see the impact the design would have at life-size: you will no doubt agree that it was an effect well worth exploring.


Features of Note

Intricate exotic veneer inlays

The veneers are a work of art and arguably the most technically complex aspect of the piece - each veneer had to be grain matched and arranged for an exact fit with no tolerance for error.

Elegant and Confident room presence

The Saloon Table draws the eye and invites conversation with its striking blend of old world craftsmanship and Art Deco flourish.



Intriguing support Sphere

The sphere performs the dual roles of form and function effortlessly, locking the legs in place and securing the table whilst introducing a simply sophisticated edge to the piece.


  • Year of Completion: 2012
  • Dimensions: 1200mm (L) x 1000mm (W) x 730mm (H)
  • Inlays: Makassar Ebony, Sycamore, African Blackwood, King Billy Pine, Huon, Imbula
  • Stringing: Boxwood, Satinwood, New Guinea Rosewood (over 700 pieces)
  • Substrate: Amboyna and New Guinea Rosewood veneered marine ply
  • Recommended Environment: Lobbies, Entertainment rooms, Card rooms, Smoking rooms

Price: $30,000 Australian Dollars

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