This Tiered Jewellery Box is an elaborate reinterpretation of classic turn-of-the-century colonial and oriental designs.

Simon, a keen practitioner of Oriental woodworking, called on Japanese design cues like the circular Tagua Nut standing out like a stamp from the African Blackwood fretwork.

He then incorporated a coopered gallery and exotic timbers for the drawers and veneers.

A deeply satisfying piece to see sitting atop a dressing table or even in a lounge room, the 6 drawers offer an old-world home for the most valuable of jewellery.


Features of Note


A modern interpretation of a classic

Turn of the century British designs took cues from the expanding Oriental influence as trade increased. This piece incorporates those calling cards and welcomes African and other exotic timbers to present a reimagining of how lovely things can be stored.

Deceptively Exotic

While it looks traditional on the surface, the Tiered Jewellery Box is an exotic wood-lovers delight: rare Antarctic Beech drawers and legs teamed with African Sapele Mahogany gallery and finished with Tasmanian Stripy Myrtle drawer fronts.

a fitting addition to most rooms

The beauty of a dark piece like the Tiered Jewellery box is that it can fit in in most rooms of your house. With understated dark and light accents and a quiet presence, the jewellery box will be at home in modern lounge rooms or in your bedroom.


  • Year of Completion: 2016
  • Construction Time: 14 days
  • Dimensions: 210mm (H), 410mm (W), 180mm (D)
  • Substrate: Queensland Maple
  • Veneer: Figured Myrtle
  • Edge Stringing: Dyed Boxwood
  • Gallery: African Sapele Mahogany
  • Drawers: Antarctic Beech 
  • Drawer Fronts: Tasmanian Stripy Myrtle
  • Drawer Pulls: African Blackwood
  • Fretwork: African Blackwood
  • Legs: Dyed Antarctic Beech
  • Drawer Lining: Red Leather
  • Care: Dust and wax with a non-silicon based furniture wax every 6 months
  • Recommended Environment: Bedroom, walk-in wardrobe, dressing room

Price: $3,200 Australian Dollars

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